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Our experts struggles for 13 years then we made us our day, now we are ready to share this process those who need,  we are here to share the making process with you,  with this knowledge you can make yourself with specific laboratories. due to this is hazardous to use for normal people.

 If you want to make an Article, you have to be a genuine buyer then spend your money otherwise please skip it.

Few of our consumers failed to make this process that’s why we are giving ready to make Article liquid ( if you have knowledge then you can make yourself we will guide you through our process as how to make an article).


Bulb Diffuse link

How to make Bulb Diffuse Article :

  1. Tungsten 12gms,
  2. Iridium 20ml,
  3. Active metal 90gms,
  4. White Sulphuric acid 60ml

Making process:

  • First step, Please kindly wear a face mask and gloves to your hands, when you are making this article.
  • Second step, You have to boil Iridium in Tungsten only for 3 minutes with low flame.
  • Third step, After you have to add Active metal & stir (mix) well for 2 minutes with low flame.
  • Fourth step, Then after you have to add white Sulphuric acid into that mixture then you can apply to that mixture to copper article.  (Apply to copper vessel (500 to 1000gms)).
  • Fifth step final one, After 3 hrs you can check your article is ready with function.

Function Details:

  • Bulb will diffuse 25 to 40 secs with 8 to 12 inch distance.
  • Only 40days validity with washable.
Note: If you want this liquid, we will provide you ready to make liquid you can add 5 gms copper powder into that liquid then apply to copper vessel, (If you order our product we will send copper powder along with your order) when it is dry you can check.
Thank you for reading our article, If you any doubts or clarifications required, please feel free to reach out us using our contact us page. We have ready made products in our store, please visit our store and purchase the products from our store: https://www.metalsforyou.in/ .

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