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How to make Auto Fire Article :

  1. Red phosphorus 80ml

  2. Hydrocarbons 30ml

  3. Cobalt 60 15gms

Making process:

  • Step one, Wear a face mask & gloves for hands, when you are make this Article.
  • Step two, Add red phosphorus & Hydrocarbons into a glass beaker 

  • Step Three, After 24hrs you can add Cobalt 60 into that glass beaker 
  • Step Four, After 12 hrs you can apply that liquid into copper bond. (Apply to copper bond (800 to 1200gm)).
  • Step Five, After 1 to 2 hrs you can check your Article is ready with function

Function Details:
  • Match sticks will fire in 5 inch distance to the copper bond,
  • Only 30 days validity with washable
Note: If you want we provide you ready to make liquid you have to apply this liquid to copper bond when it is dry you can check.

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  1. Ready article service is the best . I made Auto fire article By Your Formula Chemical is very Effective

  2. Completed My Auto fire article By Your Formula Chemical is very Effective . Ready article service is the best

  3. Aswini sadineni

    pehil baar koi acha liquid diya dhanyavaad . poora mere prayog saath yah taral

  4. This liquid help me to complete my article within short period of time it’s working well the match stick fire faster

  5. dhanyavaad, maii is article ko tejee se aur aasaan tareeke se poora karane ke lie vaastavik vebasait kee khoj kar raha hoon

  6. Thank you ,This website is the best to complete article without stress and hardwork its working and functioning is good

  7. Fist tim e feild lo manushala kana website lu ni namochu ani strong ga chepagalugutuna… Arey ani dabbulu denghara maker lu ani chepi eka mi aatalu saghavuu… Evaru edi create chesaro naku telidu gani miku thank you sir miru 1000yrs bhathkali ma lanti vala kosam

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